Rangoli or Kolam Project for Teams at the Workplace

My colleague thought of a project whereby each team in our department is tasked to come out with a Rangoli Kolam. We downloaded the design from the internet, enlarged it and printed into 12 of almost equal sizes. Each group was supposed to use their creativity to come up with a design an, each team is to submit their portion given a deadline.

With parts of each submission, we were supposed to combine back into a large collage with the original design. Why I decide to include here is because I am touched by the teamwork and creativity of each team in coming up with the different designs. All races including Malay, Indian and Chinese worked to complete  the design together. Some of my Malay and Chinese friends were trying their hand at making the Rangoli Kolam for the very first time. Let’s admire these designs together:

Well, the final work was not quite what we had expected- as not all (but most) teams have submitted. But the collage and the combination shows how creative some can get:

In a multiracial workplace,by organising a groupwork like this, it enable participants of different race to learn how to do the kolam or Rangoli.  It is quite interesting – the decoration is a sum of everyone’s hard work.

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