Mooncake fairs at Major shopping malls

Mooncake festival would be coming soon and sales would pick up about 1 or 2 weeks before the mooncake festival.

Shopping malls would host their own mooncake fairs whereby all the different mooncake manufacturer like Tai Thong, Bakers Cottage, Kum Loon Tai  would be selling their mooncakes- usually at a discount.

Over the years, the price of mooncakes is getting steeper and more expensive. The lotus with yolk mooncake sold from Tai Thong was RM14 per piece…and now is priced at RM16.50 per piece. As part of tradition, families need to buy mooncakes and present to elders during the festival.

A roasted duck is much cheaper than a box of mooncake. Traditional Chinese pastries made using lotus paste are also much cheaper than a mooncake.

But going around and looking for the packaging and design is quite interesting…look and not buy or maybe at most buying a box…

As part of tradition, families will buy for elders, suppliers/vendor buy for clients. But for our own consumption within the family, we would tend to get it few days before the mooncake festival whereby huge discounts are being offered.

Above-maiden design theme


Above: mooncake with decorative boxes in the shape of ancient handbag carried by Chinese maidens.



And other steel boxes. Mooncake steel boxes make good storage box for your craft items, stationeries and small items. Also they are nice to look at.

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