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I am considering to buy a tablet as it is easier to type and browse the internet in it rather than using my Note 2. Don’t get me wrong- I love my Note 2 and it is handy when I am out and about. It can still fit into the pockets of some of my pants.

But as for tab, one seller was willing to sell the original and new Samsung tab 2 7.0 at RM888 which include free casing, screen cover and a free power bank (worth RM68).

However, after speaking to my friends, they seemed to have bad experience with Samsung tabs:

1. A friend who bought the Samsung tab 2 10 inches was having problem with battery could not charge and tablet heat up very fast. She had bought back to the service center for 5 times in total!- the service center staff were always polite but does not solve her problem. They changed the charger twice, upgrade software once, sent for checking once and the last round changed the charger port. She bought it for RM1499 and regretted.

2. Another bought Samsung tab 2 (7.0) – which was the one I was planning to buy. He said the tablet could not charge and even after he reformated twice it did not work. And the screens lag and got slow. Finally he sold it to a shop for RM280 even though he bought it last year for about RM1449. I asked him why he did not being back to the service center…he said he had other friends who bought back their devices to the service centers but still could not fixed the problem.

3. Two years ago my friend bought the Samsung Tab 7.0 first generation. Almost a year, the screen lag got worse and always hang. Also hard to charge. When he lent me to use I asked if he would like to sell to me…. he refused as he said the tab was faulty and he does not want to sell me something faulty.

4. Even my own Note 2 which I am using….initially the the screen moves by itself! First time when I sent it back, they did a free software upgrade. Did not work. After that I took a video of the possessed screen which seemed to be moved by invisible fingers. Then only the agreed to change my LCD screen. Another friend, also using Note 2 said the home screens on her phone are moving a little.

5 of friends around me own an iPad mini. They’ve no complaints…two of them had the iPad when it was launched about a year ago. No lag, good browsing experience. Camera is okay- they always take pictures using their iPad mini and post on Facebook
Quality of pictures are okay…not as clear as from Note or S4 but good enough.

Another 3 have iPad 2 and iPad 1 which they bought a few years back. Till today they say it had no lag or delays.

iPad Mini 2 is rumoured to be out as early as September. My friend said if I am not in a hurry, it is better to wait because:
1. Ipad mini 1 may drop price about RM100 or RM200 or
2. For the same price you get a new version with better features like possible retina display?

For now ipad mini is sold for RM1399 16GB 3G. Price is pretty much fixed at all stores.

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