Lyrics Illusi Satu Penantian by Ben Nathan (A waiting illusion)

Our Independance Day (Hari Merdeka) would fall on 31 August.  We are reminded once again of how independance is won and Malaya and later Malaysia was born.

I grew up during the era where music is enjoyed and we listened to each other’s songs without looking at creek or race. We’ve had very popular non Malay singers like Ben Nathan, Casey, Elaine Kang and Franscissca Peter singing out soulful Malay songs- even winning the Juara Lagu. Music were played by orchestra lead by musical instrument players from all races.

My favourite songs are a little old (coz I myself am old 🙂 ) but for this Independance Day, I would like to translate and publish some of them. Let’s start with the song from Ben Nathan …

Lyrics/Lirik of Illusi Satu Penantian by Ben Nathan (A waiting illusion)

Saat ini aku rindu
This moment I would miss
Biar pun kau ada di depan ku
Even though you are in front of me
Saat-saat begini terluka hati ku
Such moments my heart is so hurt
Ku pendamkan saja di jiwa ku
I just keep it supressed in my soul

Saat ini kau dan aku
This moment you and me
Hanya diam dan terus membisu
Only keeping quiet and continue to be in silence
Sebak rasa dada ku kau buat begitu
My chest felt pained (when) you do this
Tahukah kau aku sayang pada mu
Do you know how much I love you

Kadangkala dapat ku rasakan
Sometimes I could feel
Hadirnya diriku tidak diperlukan
My presence is not needed
Rasa duka mencengkam di jiwa
Feelings of sadness grasp my soul
Ku nanti jawapan katakanlah sayang
I am waiting for answer- say it my love

Hingga kini ku menanti
Till now I am waiting
Jawaban mu yang tiada pasti
For your answer that is uncertain
Apakah kau takut untuk menyayangi
Is it you are afraid to love
Atau pun terhadap ku kau benci
Or towards me that you hate

Hingga kini ku menanti
till now I am waiting
Jawaban mu yang tiada pasti
For your answer that is uncertain
Saat-saat begini cuba kau fahami
Such moments please try to understand
Perasaan hati ku kepada mu
My heart’s feelings towards you
Agar berakhir penantian ku
so that my waiting is over

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