Lyrics Aku Kehilanganmu (I’ve Lost You) by Francisca Peter

Francissca Peter is really a talented singer with a beautiful voice. She is well known for singing Malay ballads back in the 80s and 90s.

The song, Aku Kehilanganmu (I’ve Lost You) is about two lovers who have gone through so many challenges and finally succeed. However, the success had changed the guy, and he no longer felt he needed her anymore.

Lyrics/Lirik Aku Kehilanganmu (I’ve Lost You)

Saat aku kehilanganmu
The moment I’d lost you
Hati dibaluti rasa pilu
My heart is filled with sorrow
Kedukaanku pasti berlarutan
Sadness would continue on
Kerna di kecewakan
Because being disappointed

Bagaikan aur dengan tebing
Like bamboo and the river bank
Kita mengatur langkah seiring
We arranged steps in unison
Menghadapi kepahitan hidup berdua
Going through bitter hardship both together
Pernah menangis bersama
having cried together

Panas dan hujan, ribut dan taufan
Summer and rain, storm and typhoon
Telah menguji kesetiaan
Have tested the loyalty
Bersama keyakinan kita jadikan
With confidence we turned
Mimpi satu kenyataan
Dreams into reality

Tiada pernah ku menyangka
Never had I guessed
Kejayaan mengaburi mata
Success had clouded your eyes
Sehinggakan kau merasa tak lagi perlu
Till you felt that there is no need
Ku berada di sisimu…
For me to be by your side

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