Creative Raya Decorations at One Utama

During major festivals in Malaysia, major shopping complexes and mall would spare no expenses to come out with various decorative ideas to create a festive mood for shoppers.

One Utama is quite creative with their Raya decoration this year.

At the 1 Utama new wing, where the main deco is housed….this year it is build into 2 layers… for retail and another for shoppers to climb up to take photos:


It is creative because I could see kids climbing the stairs, running up and getting all excited while parents take photos.

It looks nice from a multi-layered view:


The retail though still remains at ground floor:


Years later…would be able to look back and compare with the previous years deco.

Furthermore it had the Malay ballads of the 80s and 90s being played at the background….which are my favourites with of course Raya songs in between.

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