Best time to buy a good pair of shoes….before Hari Raya

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With the festive session round the corner,  the best time to buy clothes and shoes is now…..before Hari Raya.

For me, I find AEON (former Jaya Jusco) is the best place to shop for affordable and comfortable shoes. The brands like Alan Delon, Crocodile, Hawke, Larrie, etc are having sales up to 50% to 70% of their shoes. The same goes for their handbags.


The cost conscious can decide on the style of shoes that one wish to buy, and wait for the pre Raya sale to buy it. A good pair of shoes can last for more than a year. But anyway I was looking for shoes by Scholl and there is no discount- the salesgirl told me usually the shoes does not have discount.

I also went to the Crocs boutique and found a pair of comfortable rubber shoes that won’t get you fired when wearing to work cost about RM250 with only 10% discount. With price, I could have gotten the pair of Scholl that I had wanted for RM178.

In terms of buying anything….prices of items sold are established from perceived value. Instead of buying purely for the brand alone, we also need to gauge the actual value the product offer to us. And based on our needs, which is more suitable.

For example, a pair of Scholl shoes is more presentable and cheaper than a Crocs equivalent. But the Crocs shoes…now they started making the rubber equivalent of office shoes is also comfortable and you need not worry if you are walking back and caught in the rain or a puddle of water gets into your shoe. No worries about sinking feet as the rubber can be easily rinsed with water.

The Scholl may get dirty especially if the top surface are made in light colour which tends to get unforgiving with a permanent print of a dirty feet. Whereas a Crocs-any dirt can ve easily washed off.

Two of my friends who are wearing Croc office type of sandal to work showed me how worn out their soles…like car tyres where the lines are worn away. But still, they told me that even in slippery surface, the sandal still have a good grip. And aside from wearing the sandal to work they also wear to the market,  for walks in the park and all types of uses.

Hence there are pros and cons of each. In the end, the decision would be based on which one provides greater value for money and meet our needs.

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