Notebooks with motivational messages

No doubt Smartphone had replace the need to carry physical notebooks anymore to jot down things. All we need is to key in information on our phone or snap a picture to capture what we want.

However there are situations where it is simplier and more effective to jot down important notes in a physical notebook. Examples….taking lecture notes, organising our tasks, scribbling drafts or our action plans, etc. The physical notebook would not be battery dependant and if our phone suddenly blackout forever we would still have our notes with us (that is why I always keep a physical address book with my contact details).

When it comes to buying a notebook, we can choose from the most simple ‘buku latihan’ or exercise books used in schools….or the more motivational books that cost more than RM10 each.


I saw these books being on sale at the bigger Popular bookstores and I find the one work motivation featured on the cover of these books interesting. After all, we would carry the book in our bags and each time we take out to use it,  the single word or simple phrases such as ‘Create’, ‘Focus’, ‘Imagine’, ‘Believe’ or ‘Dream Big’ can set subtle positive messages in our minds.
Then they are some with creative messages. Anyway….if we are going to write often…might as well with a book that inspire us each time we see it 🙂

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