Lirik Cukuplah Sekali (Once is Enough) by Jay Jay

The following song, Cukuplah Sekali (Once is Enough) sang by Jay Jay is about a man who apologised to his lover for making a mistake in the past. He hoped she would put the past behind, forgive him and start anew. Once is enough- for he promised he would not repeat it again.

Cukuplah Sekali (Jay Jay) with English translation


Di saat kupinta keputusanmu
The second I sought for your decision
Kau masih menanyakan semalamku
You still questioned about my past
Bertanya tentang dia dan kehebatannya
Asking about her and her greatness
Sedangkan segalanya telah engkau tahu
when everything you have already known
Tiada rahsia hidupku
there are no secrets in my life

Di saat kulahirkan kekesalan
The second I expressed regret
Sengaja kau mengambil kesempatan
You purposely took advantage
Mengungkit perbuatan dan keterlanjuran
Bringing up the misdeed and transgression
Kau ulang bercerita tentang hati luka
You repeatedly told the story about your wounded heart
Membuat ku rasa berdosa
Making me feel so sinful

Demi masa depan yang kita mimpikan
For the sake of the future that we’ve dreamed off
Hapuskanlah kenangan yang mengusik perasaan
Eliminate the memories that disturb your feelings
Tiap kali memandangmu tak terhingga kesalku
Each time I looked at you, limitless is my regret
Maafkan aku sayang menodai kepercayaanmu
forgive me, my love for betraying your trust

Andainya ku dapat menarik kembali
If I could pull back
Detik-detik hitam yang berlalu
The dark past that had passed
Kesilapan serupa tak akan ku ulangi
I would not have repeated the same mistake
Cukuplah sekali menyakitimu
Hurting you once is enough
Cukuplah sekali kau membenciku
Hating me once is enough

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