Where to get cheap DVD and CD holders

DVD holders are great for holding not only DVDs but also for filing items like information brochures, salary slips, dividend slips and your collection of greeting cards.

In the Facebook era…we all send electronic greetings. However back during the days when I was young, I used to receive many handmade or decorated cards. Sometimes my friend would buy ready made cards and decorate with drawings. It is something that I could not make myself throw away.

Therefore I file these greeting cards neatly into DVD holders. The same goes for travel brochures which contained useful information that I wanted to keep.

I managed to find inexpensive DVD covers that are sold in an assortment of interesting colours from IT Hypermart…which have outlet at Ikano Power Center and Digital Mall.


The DVD holder are sold for RM2.80 each while CD covers are sold for RM2.40 each. It is cheaper than all the places I have seen.

I bought another 4 on top of the ones I am already using to file slips, warranty cards/receipts, greeting cards, bills and another one to take to office to file borchures (the usual files were too bulky for the small sized brochures). Filing all warranty cards at one place also make it very easy to find and locate the items.

When you need them, you would know where to find them instead of having your stuff all over the place 😉

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