Multipurpose Bags to organise your stationeries, notes and small items

I find the multiporpose bags made of cloth or PVC very useful to organise small items that I have….especially when I want to pack them for travelling. They come in few sizes and colours. Most of them are made of materials that allow you to see through what is inside.

Tjese multipurpose bags are sold by Daiso at fixed price of RM5  each and Popular bookstore (price depending on size).


If you are buying smaller sizes,  like the size of a pencil case, you can get it for slightly cheaper via Popular. If the bigger sizes like A4 or B6,  then the ones in Daiso may be cheaper.

When I travel, I find these bags to be useful when storing my plasters, USB, thumbdrive, resits, medicine, small notebooks, stationeries, 3-in1 coffee powder. Of course I organise them into different bags.

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