Songkran (Thai New Year) at Wat Chetawan

Every year, Wat Chetawan at Jalan Gasing  Petaling Jaya allow visitors to celebrate Songkran -the Thai New Year at the vicinity of the temple.

It would start after lunch on Sunday, 14 April 2013.

Generally the temple itself does not formally hold such event. That is why it is not part of its listed activities. But I believe it is out of compassion that the temple have…especially there are Thai people who stay in Malaysia and unable to go back during the new year. And for Malaysians to have a feel of Thai water splashing within Malaysia.

Bring your own ‘equipments’ as people would be splashing water. As a form of respect as it is still within the temple compound, please do not wear too short or light/see through attire.

And please… not splash water on monks. I heard on one year a monk happened to be walking past and someone went and splash water on him.

Have a good time.

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2 thoughts on “Songkran (Thai New Year) at Wat Chetawan”

  1. hey yin teing

    thanks for your info. i am this guy who really wants to enjoy songkran in BKK but could only stay in KL.haha so really happy to see this post.

    can i confirm with you. the celebration will be on 14th not tomorrow, 13th?
    just want to make sure i dont miss it. will u go?

    thanks for your advice!



  2. Hi Eric,
    Glad u find the info useful-I was just responding since a reader asked me about it. According to the office, it is only on Sunday.

    Enjoy yourself.

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