Merisik Khabar by Sudirman (with English translation)

In Hong Kong, the memory of Leslie Cheung (passed away 10 years ago) and Danny Chan (passed away 20 years ago) lives on. TVB channel is performing a tribute to both these stars.

In Malaysia, we have lost a talented and compassionate singer, Sudirman on 22 February 1992. It has been more than 20 years since his passing and this talented singer had sang many wonderful songs. For the benefit of those who may not understand the beauty of his songs, I would want to translate a few and feature them in this blog.

His songs are deep and poetic- sometimes there are no suitable English words to express the meaning in Malay. But I would do my best.

Merisik Khabar by Sudirman (the top song of 1987 Juara Lagu)

Terkapar-kapar ku kelemasan
Struggling up and down as I am drowning
Sakit dilambung ombak kerinduan
Painfully tossed by the waves of longing
Di dalam tidur di dalam jaga
In my sleep and in waking
Diburu oleh mimpi yang serupa
haunted by the same dream
Mengapa aku jadi tak menentu
Why do I become so disorientated
because of you…

Ku menyusuri jalan berliku
I trace along a winding road 
Membiarkan hari-hari berlalu
Letting the days pass by
Tiada salam tiada pesan
No news, no messages
Memaksa diri untuk melupakan
Forcing myself to forget
Namun wajahmu bermain di mata ku
However your face still plays in my eyes
Tiap waktu…
All the time

Korus (Chorus)
Malam ku suram, siang ku kelam
Night I am depressed, day I am sullen
Ku kegelisahan, mencari-cari
I’m agitated, keep searching here and there
Kemana pergi, harga diri ini
where it went, this dignity of mine
Bertanyakan berita, merisik khabar
Asking for news, spying on updates (Note: merisik khabar have a deeper meaning but unfortunately I could not find the appropriate word to translate it)
Mendengar cerita, melaluinya
hear stories, through it
Kau kuhampiri, tiap hari
 I go near to you, everyday
Bersama luka dihati
together with the hurt in my heart

Mengapa aku jadi tak menentu
why do I become so disorientated
Kerana mu…
because of you….
( ulang korus / repeat the chorus)

The story behind the “lighter” featured in the embedded video

This story was published in URTV in 1987 (a local entertaiment magazine popular during that time) and featured in this blog which I had translated to English.

The “lighter” lighted by Sudirman had its own story.
The lighter belonged to Sudirman 10 years ago through his former wife. That time  they were still in love and studying at University Malaya together.

Sudirman never smoked. But when he found the lighter while watching movie with his former wife, he had loved to play with it.

“That time times were tough. Not sure how I had lost the lighter. Because I had loved it, I cried. And she promised she would buy me a new one when she had the money. That was the lighter that I used just now”, said Sudirman.

The lighter was brought using the scholarship money of his former wife. And Sudirman dedicate the song specially for those who understand about it.
“The memory for the lighter and the song I cannot forget”.

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