Cute Tshirts sold in Night and Markets

Well, you need not spend a fortune when you just want to buy some mini tshirts. After all, the tshirts are used for daily casual wear, and sometimes as exercise attire.

There are lots of cute tshirts that you can get from both the day and night markets for like about RM10 a piece. In most of the wet or night markets (pasar malam), there are so many varieties to choose from. The designs are often more fanciful and interesting compared to what is sold in department stores- it does not matter if the tshirt does not last that long- well, in no time, it’s time to get a new one.

For example, this pink mini tee is sold for RM10 in a daytime market:

Message printed:

You know those nights when you can’t fall asleep?
Well, maybe it’s because you are awake….in someone else’s dream.

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