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Usually when shopping at the shopping malls, we tend to get hungry, tired and thirsty. When you visit the shopping mall on a weekly basis, a meal for a family at restaurants located within the mall can burn up a hole at your pockets in no time.
Therefore,  a cheaper alternative would be the purchase food and drinks directly from within the hypermarkets and then eating at an open bench. In the case of those travelling with small kids, I have seen them stopping for a family meal at a restaurant before proceeding to the shopping complex.


I have found also affordable and delicious meals at Jusco AEON where you can get bread, pizza, Japanese set meals and local delicacies from their food court. Next time you are visiting Jaya Jusco AEON or malls with Jaya Jusco like Megamall and One Utama, you can look out for reasonably priced snacks offered there.

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Once I was at Midvalley Megamall to visit a fair and I was hungry…so I went to Carrefour to buy myself a bottle of orange yogurt and to La Boheme Bakery for a nice tuna pizza. I sat down at one of the many benches at Jusco and had my little snack before proceeding to the fair where I spent hours looking around.

Well…these are my humble suggestions based on my own experience.

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