Malaysian PLUS toll highway rest area

The Malaysian highway toll rest areas have come a long way from what they had used to be.


When I was young, the rest areas were small, not clean and there is very limited washroom. Often it is a horrible queue at the ladies especially during times where there were busloads of passengers.
Now, the condition is so much different. All the rest areas are clean. There are the usual stops where the rest area is smaller with probably less than 10 restrooms. That is for those who needed to make a stop.

The bigger ones are the R&R- where you have many toilet rooms- that can cater for busloads. The restrooms are also very clean and well maintained. Check out the one below……even have rocks for reflexology:


And in the R&R area you can find fruit stalls selling fresh fruits.


Surprisingly the price for food and drinks are reasonable. Years ago it used to be expensive but now the price seems to be controlled.

A good place to rest. The rest areas are available 24 hours a day.

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