Using pill casing to store your memory or micro SD cards

Memory cards and the small SD media cards are easy to be misplaced if not being kept properly in a casing or container.

I am not sure where to get memory card casing but I found an inexpensive way of easy storing that I can bring for my travel- storing them in a pill casing.

For micro SD cards, due to their small size, literally any pill casing could fit. However for the camera memory card which are larger in size, you need to ensure that the casing fits because the standard size of the typical daily pill box is quite small. So it is a good idea to bring along the memory cards with you to test the size.

In Malaysia you can get these pill box in a cheap price via Daiso stores or Living Cabin.


The picture above is casing sold at Living Cabin. The small blue one costs RM2 and looks big enough for the camera memory card. I’ve earlier bought from Daiso – 4 detachable pill case for RM5 but the one I got is too small kfor my camera’s memory card.

Still, it is an expensive option. Word of caution though-sometimes the box cover may not be secured enough in the sense that it may open easily. Do wrap a small plastic or secure with celotape if you are bringing around for travel.

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