Gangnam Style Lion Dance

Saw Lion Style Gangnam Style… unsual twist to the traditional lion dance.
A YouTube user (Ananda Prabu) had uploaded which made it easier for me to share it here.

Of all the videos on the Gangnam Style Lion Dance, I find this one to be the best so far. This one is shot at the best angle, and started from the very beginning (instead of some that started halfway), the audio of the song is clearest and deplicts the Lions dancing the Gangnam style- honestly….very very cute 🙂

After the song, then only they start with the actual Lion Dance version.

If I am not mistaken, it is shot in Singapore.

To participate in Lion Dance requires a lot of hard work. Recently our company had engaged a Lion Dance company to perform Lion Dance for our department and one guy shared with me that it requires consistent practice. Many of the performers are still students or young men who practice consistently 3 times a week for the entire year even though the main performance is only during CNY. For those studying, they would make time to practice to ensure they are agile and get the moves right.

The Korean song was a hit last year- and they would have practiced very hard to do this performance. They also need to adapt the moves of the actual dance towards the movement of the Lions. Really really creative and incredible! I can’t help watching this video repeatedly.


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