Malaysian Airlines MAS handcarry baggage allowance

Below is the information obtained from the MAS (Malaysian Airline) check-in counter in KLIA. Information is correct at the point of posting.

Handcarry baggage allowance:


Business or first class:  2 cabin baggage that does not exceed 7kg each

Economy class: 1 cabin baggage that does not exceed 7kg

-1 laptop, OR 1 briefcase, OR 1 camera bag OR 1 binocular bag
-1 small handbag
-1 cane for walking
-1 baby scroller that can be completely folded

Passengers with baby below 24 months can bring:

– 1 baby bag not exceeding 5kg
– 1 baby basket

Baggage measurement:

Height 56cm x 36 cm width x 23 cm depth

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