Chinese New Year lucky bamboo shoots sold in Malaysia

Starting from few years ago there was this craze for what was known as lucky bamboo shoots that is very popular during Chinese New Year. These bamboo shoots come in shape which was said to be good for feng shui.


When it first came out, florist everywhere sold for expensive price. Anyway I saw these bamboo shoots being on sale at AEON Big (formerly known as Carrefour) hypermarket.
There are 2 range of price- RM8.88 and RM12.88. Personally I cannot tell the difference.



Hopefully this can be used as a guide for you to compare price from florist. The one sold in AEON Big (Carrefour) hypermarket is placed in a glass container that can recycled.

For the life chrysanthemum plants, the same hypermarket is selling for RM12 per plant.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year lucky bamboo shoots sold in Malaysia”

  1. Hi Linna,
    The photo above is taken from AEON BIG (Carrefour) in 2013 as hypermarkets sometimes do stock these plants as they buy in huge quantity. If you are visiting Johor area, you may give them a call (closer to CNY) to check if they are stocking these items for CNY.

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