Air Asia LCCT- you can now weight your luggage at the weighing station

Update: Air Asia does not operate from LCCT anymore. It now operates from klia2.

Air Asia is now providing a simple but very useful tool for passengers who are about to board their flights- weight machines to weight their lugagge.

Often during shopping sprees or packing more stuff than we need, we tend to overload our luggages. By the time the error is discovered during check-in, it is too late and passengers are forced to buy more luggage weight at an exhorbitant price.  Furthermore, passengers who discovered that their bags are overweight may spend time trying to negiotiate or remove items from their check-in luggage and put in their hand carry, etc. This would hold up the line, causing longer wait time for others.

So, Air Asia placed 3 weight machines/scales near the self-check in machines- for you to quickly weight your bags- both the hand carry and check-in luggage.

I was grateful for the weight machine because I had earlier bought 20kg of check-in luggage from Air Asia… only to discover that my check-in luggage weighed about 23 kg. I started removing the heavy items and putting inside my hand carry bag. When I took my luggage for check-in, it was relatively hassle free as I did not exceed the weight.

But I am not sure if the machines would be there forever. It is always good to be cautious and do a proper estimation of your luggage weight before going to the airport.

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