Christmas Decorations sold in Daiso Malaysia

Daiso outlets in Malaysia are already selling Christmas decorations.

Update: As of end of October 2018, Daiso have already started selling Christmas decorative items.

Above are santa and reindeer hairbands- that thsoe with parties and costume themed days can wear…. just for fun. As per all items in Daiso, they RM5.90 each.

Then above there are the Christmas stockings and gifts. Notice the empty swags that can be used for one’s own craft project. I would think the price is cheaper here than from craft shops. One can try to put in Christmas decorations on these swags- likely made from plastic. The usual other Christmas ornaments are also being sold.

And of course, the santa hat. Comes in red and link color. Below also the mat that can be used to line the dining table. Quite affordable.

Daiso outlets in Malaysia’s place and telephone number.

For those who are looking for Christmas makeover, can mix and match decorations from Daiso, IKEA, hypermarket and craft shops. Buy a good storage box to keep these items so that it can be reused again year after year.

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