Candylicious -selling candies, chocolates |Update Closed

Update: The store is already closed down. From their official website, there are only 2 shops in Singapore.  Nevertheless, it is still beautiful to look at their creative store designs.

When you go to 1Utama at Bandar Utama, you would see a huge store call Candylicious, located at Lower ground floor of the old wing.

I must admit, it was the first time I saw the store and I was really, like amazed- the store sold nothing but candies of all types, colours, as well as other ‘sinful’ indulgences:

The moment the kids see the store, it’s a real goner- they would want to go in and everything would catch their eyes. Not to mention the little ones- even for us, it’s hard not to be awe by it- it would also bring out the child in us.

It was what really caught my eyes- near the entrance, when you step in, you could see this huge trees with candies overhanging from it. Of course those candies are made of plastic and not the real thing. The real thing are located under the tree. There are some low caloried candies sold as well (but it did not look appetizing to me).

The tagline is: “once dropped, considered sold!”

Above are some Christmas candies that can be brought as Christmas gifts.

The deco idea is amazing- and from seeing other Candylicious stores worldwide, one can see a lot of creativity and effort are placed in the store deco.

Still, we need to be careful with the amount of sweets that we are taking.  For me, I love to look at the decos but I’m not crazy about candies or jellybeans. Still, love to look at the store- and this marketing concept that spared no expenses in store deco (and it occupy a huge retail space too).

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