Beautiful hair products- sold at 3 for RM10 at night market

Malaysians love to visit the pasar malam or night market because there are various good finds including food, drinks, vegetables, household items, snacks, equipment, pirated DVDs/ CDs, Tshirts, etc.

I came across a night market that sells hair products: fashinonable hair bands, clips, hair scrunchies, pins, brooch- of all designs and shapes including made of cloth, Korean style, metal, beads etc…..

Like the one you see in the picture below, they are sold as 3 for RM10.

Don’t they look nice?

Those made of metal with beads may not last long- colour may fade or it may rust- but as some of my friends said, they just buy and wear for fun- and when it fades or spoilts, they just buy new one.

I enjoy looking at these craft items- like above where hair bows of various colour combinations are being sold.  I must admit, it was my childhood ambition to make and sell these items- it other words to be a crafter. But I’ve given it up when mass produced items flooded from the China market. It take me more than an hour or so to put decorative items like ribbons and beads on a hairclip- and for how much can I sell it for? And what if no one buys it, then what can I use the pay the bill?

Furthermore, these items are sold in 3 for RM10- even if I buy from the supplier also can be quite expensive and have to buy in bulk. Its tough for crafters to compete with that pricing.

If you are like me, don’t feel sad. Perhaps you can try out other areas like applying creativity with food, etc. Or become a blogger like me- even though I don’t make these items, I would take photographs when I come across them to share with others 🙂


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