Lirik Umpama Mimpi Dalam Mimpi- Damasutra (Like a dream within a dream)

Following is the Malay lyrics of the song Umpama Mimpi Dalam Mimpi (Like a dream within a dream) sang by the group Damasutra.

I find this song very deep- the first time I heard the song when it became a hit- I was amazed at the creativity that went into writing the lyrics. The song is very implicit and it touches on the dreaming mind…. the phrases mentioned in the song like ‘flowing blood that are colourless’, ‘wound that cannot be felt’, ‘crying with no sound’ …these happened to us during the dreaming stage.

Have you ever dreamt that you were dreaming? It’s a strange feeling and the song is bringing up those experiences.

Lirik/ lyrics Damasutra Umpama Mimpi Dalam Mimpi (Like a dream within a dream)

Kenangan bersamamu kasih
Memories with you my love
Seumpama mimpi di dalam mimpi
Is like a dream within a dream
Terasa engkau di sisi
feel you by my side
Menemaniku saban hari
keeping me company the entire day

Pabila kupejamkan mata
whenever I close my eyes
Akan terasa hangatnya asmara
would feel the heat of love
Walaupun sekian lama
even though for so long
Telah terpadam cinta kita
our love had been erased

Chorus/ Korus

Luka yang tak terasa
wound that is cannot be felt
Mengalir darah yang tak berwarna
flowing blood that is colourless
Bagai jeritan tanpa suara
like screaming without a sound

Tangisan dalam ketawa
tears in laughter
Sedu sedan menjadi syair cinta
snivelingly to become a love poem
Terasa ingin ku sentuh
felt like I want to touch
your shadow

Walau hanya seketika cuma
Even though it is for a moment
Agar hilang rindu dan dahaga
so that my longing and thirst can be gone
Agar pulih semangat kasih dan mesra
so that the spirit of love and tenderness can recover
Seperti baru kenal cinta
as if just known love

—end of Chorus—

Repeat Chorus/ Korus

Kenangan bersamamu kasih
Memories with you my love
Membakar gedung fikiranku kini
burned the store of my thoughts now
Terasa hidupku ini
felt this life of mine
Umpama mimpi dalam mimpi
is like a dream within a dream

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