Lirik Salam Untuk Kekasih by Nadia (Regards for My Lover)

Salam Untuk Kekasih (Regards for My Lover) sang by Nadia is a very touching song. She also wrote the lyrics of the song. I’ve included the Malay lyrics with English translation and the embedded YouTube video.

The interpretation of the song in the video, which is also starred by Nadia herself- indicated that she is taking leave from the relationship as the love that she used to shared with him had wilted away- and he was seeing another woman. She was not willing to leave but she felt she had no choice.

Lirik/ Lyrics Salam Untuk Kekasih (Regards for my lover)

Di sebalik kalbu
behind the heart
Yang semakin layu
that is wilting away
Terbenam rasa rindu
laid buried the feelings of longing
Terkunci suara hati
the voice of heart is locked
Tiada siapa tahu
no one knows

Dimanakah kasih
where is the love
Tak seperti dulu
not like the past
Kata kau sayangkan ku
saying that you love me
Benarkah itu
is that true

Verse A

Walau kehadiranku hanyalah sementara
even though my presence was temporarily
Bukan salahmu sayang,  kira kau jatuh cinta
not your fault my love, if you were to fall in love
Akan ku pergi jauh, takkan kembali
I would go far, never returning
Salam maaf permisi
I beg for your forgiveness
Ku undur diri
I would leave

–end of Verse A–

Kini ku bersara
now I am resigned
Dengan langkah baru
to new steps
Menyisi luka ini
filling up this wound
Kekasih… sekeras aku
My love….no matter how tough I am
Terhiris kerna kamu
still hurt because you

Ku tinggalkan cinta
I leave the love
Kisah yang berlalu
a story that had passed
Kisah kenangan kita
a story of our memories
Hanya kau tahu
only you know

Verse B

Walau kehadiranmu bagaikan menghiasi
even though your presence is as if to decorate
Bukan caraku sayang harap engkau mengerti
it’s not my style, hope you understand
Pemergianku ini tak ku relai
my departure is with relunctance
Salam maaf permisi
I beg your forgiveness
Ku undur diri
I would leave

-end of verse B-

Repeat Verse A & B  till end

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