IKEA’s Christmas Catalogue is Out- Real Christmas trees and ornaments

IKEA’s Christmas Catalogue 2012 is already published and distributed weeks since October. As per other years, they’ve incorporated a lot of creativity in their catalogue, providing solutions- showing how their products can come together to bring your home that festive cheer.

Above is the cover of their current edition.

Creative ideas to decorate the dining table as above:

In the catalogue they also have the DIY Magic- where as per the years before, they sell real life Christmas trees- they have decoration ideas in the catalogue. The tree price is as follows:

  • RM149 (IKEA Family RM129) height 1.6 metres
  • RM189 (IKEA Family RM169) height 2.5 metres

They also sell Christmas ornaments where you can put on the Christmas tree. And instead of showing the pictures of the ornaments in a package, we can see how nice it is being decorated on the tree.

Above is an illustration of the Christmas meal- all laid out on the table. Again, you can see very well how their items can be put to use, the plates, glass bottles, pots, BBQ grill, cooking utensils. IKEA is one of the few companies that show you how to use their stuff. And their items are not really that expensive.


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