Lirik Kita Serupa- Headwind with Dayangku Intan (We are similar)

Kita Serupa (We are similar) is a duet song by Zainal Abidin from the group Headwind and Dayangku Intan. It’s about two person, who had previously in hurt in their own respective relationships…and choosing to heal by being together….. because they have been in similar situation.

View the English translation of the song’s lyrics together with the embedded video.

Headwind & Dayangku Intan: Kita Serupa Lirik

(Verse  1 )
Kalau dapat ku petik bintang di awan biru
If I could pluck stars from the blue sky
Kan ku sematkan ke dalam dada mu
I would pin  into your heart
Kalau dapat ku capai bulan mengambang penuh
if I could reach the full shining moon
Kan ku hadiahkan di hari jadi mu
I would present it on your birthday

(Verse  2 )
Begitulah janji ku kepada mu
This is what my promise is to you
Walaupun dikau hanya menunduk bisu
even though you only looked down silently
Ku tahu kau terluka kerana cinta
I know you were hurt because of the love
Oleh dia yang tak setia ‘

by him who was not loyal

( Verse 3 )
Nasib kita serupa
Our fate is the similar
Bercinta dan kecewa
To have loved and disappointed
Mungkin dikau yang tiada menduga
maybe you who never saw it coming
Biar aku pilih mu
let me choose you
Mungkin dikau kan tahu
maybe you would know
Betapa pilunya hati ku
how sad my heart is

( Verse 4 )
Malah kau tuduh aku
you even accused me
Hanya menambah luka
of adding to your hurt
Yang kini masih terus berdarah
that till now is still bleeding

( korus- Chorus )
Kita serupa… Kita serupa…
We are similar…. we are similar…
Hadir ku untuk mengubat luka
my presence is to heal your pain
Kita serupa… Kita serupa…
We are similar…. we are similar…
Walau pun hati ku pernah di kecewa
even though my heart was once hurt before

( ulang 1, 2, 3, korus, 1 – repeat 1, 2, 3, korus, 1)

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