Deepavali Peacock Rangoli Deco at Shopping complex

Usually, most places would be using the real coloured uncooked rice– and then spread according to the design drawn. I’ve always seen shopping complex using the real original Rangoli.

The danger is that you risk having the Rangoli or kolam messed up if people accidentally kick on it or if mischevious kids start playing around with the design (the colours would normally attract them and they may be too young to know the damage they are causing).

So, this year, Jaya Jusco AEON department store uses another approach:

They print out the peacock Rangoli or the kolam design directly:

When done that way, there is no need to worry about the design being messed up. And the richness of colours is unlimited- as digital can do lots of magic touches.

Above, the Rangoli or kolam is placed in the middle of the walkway- so it had to be sort of fenced up to prevent people from stepping on it. With design using the printer, it could be replicated across all their outlets in Malaysia- same design. Even their deco also uses the same design.

The flower are plastic flowers.

Well, this approach is practical- but a ‘digital’ Rangoli does not seemed to have that magic touch. Compare this with the Rangoli picture below that was taken in 2009 from Subang Parade:

Above is the real design of Rangoli using coloured rice. It is placed at the entrance and one’s eyes can’t help but to be captured by the design. It is handmade and gives that Deepavali feel. Everyone who walked in can’t help to look at it and a number of people would just go and admire the Rangoli.

Well, it is the era of the digital age. Everything’s digital now, heh?

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