Lirik Suraya by Headwind (Zainal Abidin)

Here is the English translation of the song Suraya sang by the lead singer, Zainal Abidin of Headwind.

The song is about a man who fell in love with a woman by the name of Suraya. It was a huge hit way in the 80s that brought the group Headwind to fame.

View the embedded video and the translation below:

Suraya (Headwind) Lyrics/ Lirik

Sepertimana kau dan mentari
just like how you and the sun
Pengemis ini meminta
this beggar is begging
Serangakaina cahaya
a little ray of light
Hatimu Suraya
Your heart, Suraya

Bentangkan sinaranmu di sini
Spread your rays here
Lembah hatiku gelita
The valley of my heart is in darkness
Rinduku tiada terhingga
My longing is till no end
Padamu Suraya
towards you Suraya

Perkataan hanya
words only
Merungsingkan sahaja
disturb only
Kelu tak berbahasa
silly to not speak

Hanya lilin hidupku menyala
only the candle of my life shine
Dan mengapa
and why
Berkali ku biarkannya
time and time again I let it
Datang dan pergi semula
come and go again
Semakin lama
the longer it gets

Oh.. Suraya
Suatu masa dulu
At one time
ke bahagia
isn’t it happy
Walaupun seketika
even though it is for a while
Kumasih percaya
I still believe
Dirimu Suraya
in you Suraya

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