Lirik Rahim Maarof- Redha (Accept or Surrender)

Rahim Maarof was one of my favourite singers, due to a few haunting hits he sang like the song below. This song did not hit the charts big time like his other songs did but I liked this song the first time I heard it. I shall do my best to translate the lyrics of the song for the benefit of those who do not understand Malay language well.

Overall,  the song tells a story of a woman left a man due to a hasty decision and later regret it- but he advised her to accept fate and let the past love go (even though he still misses her)

Actually, “redha” is a very profound word that no single English word can adequately express its meaning. It is like a kind of giving up, or total acceptance (often in despair) and surrender.  In the context of the song, it meant it is a sort of giving up and acceptance of the outcome of a regrettable decision.

Lyrics/ Lirik Rahim Maarof – Redha 

Lirik/lyrics REDHA  (Accept/Surrender )

Andai kau tidak terburu
Had you had not rushed
Memberi kata putus meninggalkan diri ku
In your decisive word to leave me
Pasti tidakkan begini
Surely will not be like this
Berakhirnya cinta kukuh di hati
The end of the solid love in the heart
Terpisah jauh ku masih sayangi
Though separated far I still love
Sesungguhnya sangat menyakiti
Even though it hurts real bad

Airmata yang kau titis
The tears that you shed
Tak mungkin merubah takdir tertulis
can never change the writen fate

* Sapu sayang ku
rub away my love
Pipi mu yang basah itu
your cheeks that is wet (with tears)
Aku usah dirindu
I should not be missed
Diri mu kini milik kasih mu
You now belonged to your lover
Semua yang berlaku
Everything that had happened
Relakan ia berlalu
be willing to let it pass
Tak mungkin bertemu titik kasih yang dahulu
It is impossible to meet back at the point of past love

** Aku redha
I surrender
Terima apa terjadi
 accept what is the outcome

Walaupun di dalam hati
Even though in my heart
Ku menginginkan kau di sisi
I longed for you to be by my side
Andaikan dulu
If last time
Engkau menunggu
You had waited
Ku yakin tidak begini
I am sure it would not
Akhirnya kasih
be the end of our love

*** Ku doa kau bahagia
I pray that you are happy
Menjalani hidup bersamanya
to live your life with him

Repeat (Ulang)*

Aku redha…
I surrender…

Repeat * till ***

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