Jamal Abdillah- Hingga Tiba Saat Itu Lirik (Till that second comes)

If I am not mistaken, this song is about a man who fell from grace and he is wondering if the woman who had loved him (but he had not trusted or appreciated in the past) would forgive him. And if would she wait for him.

This song is the 80s hit, sang by Jamal Abdillah who have a deep talented voice.

Lirik/lyricsHingga Tiba Saat Itu (Till that Second Comes) by Jamal Abdillah

Lihatlah diri ini
take a look at this person
Hanya ruang yang sepi
only a lonely space
Kekosongan tiada berseri
emptiness without glow
Bagai pelaut usang
just like a lone seafarer
Yang dipukul gelombang
who is hit by the waves
Itu bagiku pengalaman
that to me is experience

Laut yang tak bertepi
ocean without any shoreline
Begitu nasib diri
that is my luck
Ku terumbang ambing sendiri
drifting here and there all alone
Tak kuasa berteman
powerless to have a companion
Mencari keriangan
looking for joy
Bimbang diri kecundangan
worried that I will be defeated


Beronak berliku pendakian hidup ini
this climb of life is full of twists and turns
Terjatuh ke lumpur
fell into the mud
Ditertawa, dicaci
being ridiculed, being bullied

Sewaktu dipuncak
when at the top
Banyak mata memandang
all eyes were looking
Namaku disebut, dipuji, dijulang
my name is being spoken off, praised, worshipped
Siapa kawan
who’s a friend
Siapa lawan
who’s a foe

Tipisnya garis perbezaan
the line of difference was so thin
Lantaran itu kau maafkanlah aku
thus please forgive me
Sukar mempercayaimu
for being hard to believe you

Mungkin suatu hari akan terbuka hati
perhaps one day your heart would open
Kekosongan akan terisi
my emptiness will be filled
Tapi ku rasa ragu
but I am still doubtful
Sanggupkah kau menunggu hingga saat itu
would you be willing to wait till that moment

Repeat Chorus till end

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