Lirik Bukan Aku Tak Cinta- Iklim (Not That I Don’t Love)

Update: 14 October 2018- it is sad to receive news today that the lead singer of Iklim, Saleem has passed away from injuries related to a road accident. He would be sadly missed.

Here is the translation of the lyrics of Bukan Aku Tak Cinta (Not That I Don’t Love) sang by Iklim many years (or is it decades) ago. It is sang by Saleem, the lead vocalist who was famous for his husky voice. The song tells a sad tale of a love that had to part because of parental objection. The video portrayed the love story that captures the song’s essence to perfection. Saleem, the lead actor is dressed in the ancient Malay warrior complete with the keris while the lady is in a Japanese custome- complete with kimono, paper umbrella, hairstyle and the fan. Both came from different worlds but fell in love. In the end, they had to part because their love was forbidden.

With the potent combination of lyrics played out in the video, the song becomes very touching- and it was a famous hit back then.  I remember the song did attract a little of controversy when it was first released because there was a forehead kissing scene and hand holding involved- which was not common in videos decades ago. But if you look at the effects (of sunset and sea ripples), and how well the angle and movement of the two main lovers sync with the song’s lyrics- in fact the video is very artisically done.

Sadly many songs today loses that ‘magical touch’. This video may not take millions of ringgit or dollars to be made but it is simple, touching and brings out the meaning of the song well.

I’ve embedded the video here- you can watch while reading the lyrics.

Iklim Bukan Aku Tak Cinta (Not That I Don’t Love)

Saat kita berpisah
The second we parted
Kau pegang erat tanganku
You held my hand tight
Sepertinya tak merelakan
As if not willing
Kepergianku untuk meninggalkanmu
of my departure to leave you

Dermaga saksi bisu
The dock bears the silent witness
Waktu ku kucup keningmu
when I kissed your eyebrow
Perlahan kau lepaskan pegangan tanganku
slowly you let go the hold of my hand
Aku lihat kau menangis…
I saw that you were crying


Lambaian tanganmu
the wave of your hand
Masih ku ingat selalu
I still  remember always
Itu yang terakhir
that is the last time
Ku melihat dirimu
I saw you

Sudah sering kau kirim surat
it is often that you sent me letters
Namun tak pernah aku jawab
but I never replied them
Lalu ku kirimkan undangan
I then sent an invitation
Agar kau tak berharap
so that you would no longer hope

Bukannya aku tak tega
it is not that I have no courage
Bukan pula aku tak cinta
it is also not that I don’t love
Kerana orang tua
because of our parents
Yang tak merestui cinta kita
who do not give blessing for our love

Repeat Chorus till end

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2 thoughts on “Lirik Bukan Aku Tak Cinta- Iklim (Not That I Don’t Love)”

  1. Siti Nuraziemah Azmy

    This song will always reminded in my mind. The lagend will will always in our heart 😭

  2. Hi Siti,

    Yes, this song is really meaningful. When I rewatched back, never thought the singer will leave us so soon.

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