Lirik Yang Terindah Itu Hanyalah Sementara- Erra Fazira (the most beautiful is only fleeting)

Erra Fazira is a local artiste well known for her acting skills and her singing abilities. The song “Yang Terindah Itu Hanyalah Sementara” (the most beautiful moments are only temporary/ fleeting) is one of my favourite from her songs.

This is a song that anyone who is facing heartache would be able to relate to. They may just listen to the song again and again while experiencing the emotional pain. But please believe that things will get better, it really would. This verse ‘Yang Terindah Itu Hanyalah Sementara’ is not only true in romantic love but in life as well. If we look deeper, nothing we have in life lasts. People change as our fate and affinity with them ends. Eventually, we have to move on too, like they did. Don’t carry regrets of the past as life is a series of experiences that we go through to learn. Take care.

Here I would like to attempt to translate this song into English:

Lirik Yang Terindah Itu Hanyalah Sementara by Erra Fazira

Setinggi seluas gunung dan lautan
As high and as wide the mountains and oceans
Sejuta harapan dipertaruhkan
A milion hopes had been risked upon
Beronak berliku jalan kulalui
Path of twists and turns I have trodden
Selagi berupaya kuteruskan
So long as I could I would tread on

Alangkah sukarnya memadam bayangan masa silam
How difficult it is to erase the shadows of the past
Di dalam keberanian terusik jua perasaan
Even in bravery  feelings are affected
Tiada hentinya memanjangkan doa semoga jiwa ini terus tabah
Never ending to extend in prayer…with hope that this soul continues to be strong


Sesungguhnya saat yang terindah hanyalah sementara
Indeed the most beautiful moments are only temporary
Yang terpahat di dalam diri hanya kenangan dan nestapa
that remains engraved within self are only memories and sorrow

Tak rela kuturutkan hati
Not willing to follow my heart
Menyesali apa yang terjadi
To regret what had happened
Andainya begitu suratan yang tertulis diazali
If that is how fate is written since time immemorial

Biarlah walaupun kusepi
Let it be that I am all alone
Sedih pedih dikhianati
Sad and sorrow from being betrayed
Aku kan tetap terus mengorak langkah perjalanan ini
I would still continue my step in this journey

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Beronak berliku jalan kulalui
Path of twists and turns I have trodden
Selagi berupaya kuteruskan
So long as I could I would tread on

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