Lirik Cinta Kristal (Crystal Love) by Rahim Maarof

Rahim Maarof was a very popular singer and one of his hit songs was Cinta Kristal (Love Crystal). This song spoke about the strong attraction (expressed in the poetic language used)- the magic is further added by the way the song is sang….in a slow purring rock way.

Lirik/lyrics Rahim Maarof – Cinta Kristal (Crystal Love)


Sinar matamu bagai api menyambar
The ray from your eyes are like a fire that struck
Hanguskah engkau dan aku sama
Would both you and me get burnt together
Bara restu cintamu aku terpanggang
Heat of love acceptance ‘roast’ me
Oleh pancaran demi cinta kristal
By the ray for the sake of crystal love

Kini aku terlontar ke dasar cintamu…. suci
Now I am thrown to the bottom of your love…pure
Kini aku mengenal akan kepastian
Now I know for sure
Agungnya cintamu
how glorious is your love
Hangat membakar panas membara
feverishly burning, hot and smoldering

Mentari cintaku ini jangan dipadamkan
Don’t entinguish my rays of love
Jika terpadam fanalah harapan
If entinguished, perished are the hope

Kasih tunjukkan aku murni cintamu…. pasti
My love,  show me how pure your love… for sure
Biar aku ilhamkan akan kesucian
Let me inspire on your pureness

Kasih dan cintamu
your care and love
Terus memancar terus membara
continue to shine, continue to burn

Jangan padamkan mentari cinta
don’t estinguish the sun of love
Jangan padamkan demi cinta kristal
don’t estinguish for the sake of cyrstal love
Bawa ku pulang ( 3X )
Bring me home (3x)

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