Lirik Cinta Tak Kenal Siapa- Aris Ariwatan (Love Knows No One)

Here is the lyrics of the Malay song sang by Aris Ariwatan- Cinta Tak Kenal Siapa (Love Knows No One). It’s a meaningful song about a man who fell in love with a woman and finally mustered the guts to tell her his feelings. The song is sang in a very expressive way and in the video before, he was singing in front of the Kedah royalty.

Cinta Tak Kenal Siapa (Love Knows No One)

Tidak salah rasanya
It’s not wrong I feel
Andai kumemuja
if I am to worship
Anggun di wajahmu
the elegance of your face
Kerna hati ini dah tertawan
coz this heart has been captured

Cinta tak kenal siapa
Love knows no one
Hadir tanpa dipaksa
Exists without being forced
Walau berkecai badan
Even if my body is to shatter to pieces
to let you go
Aku rela berputih tulang
I would rather perish

Dan tak sanggup aku lihat
And I can’t bear to see
Engkau dipimpin oleh insan lain…woh oh
You being accompanied by another…woh oh
Dan tak sanggup aku dengar
And I can’t bear to hear
Tentang keburukanmu…mmm
About your weakness… mmm

Hendak kuhampirimu
How I wish to come near you
Untukku luahkan semuanya
To express everything
Sayangnya lidahku kelu
Too bad my tongue froze
Apa lagi yang harus kuperbuat
what else could I do
Agar kau mengerti maksud tersirat
So that you can comprehend the hidden meaning

Korus (Chorus)
Maka terpaksalah aku melepaskan
Well I am forced to release
Apa yang telah tersimpan sekian lama
What that had been kept inside for so long
Aku cintakanmu! Aku perlukanmu!
I love you! I need you!
Untuk mengisi ruang kekosongan
To fill this emptiness

Kau merenung bersahaja
You stared dumbfolded
Lalu (kau) tersenyum tanda rela
then (you) smile, a sign of consent
—end of Chorus—-

Kemarilah kekasih
Come here my love
Tak perlu kau menoleh
You need not turn away
Aku di depanmu bukanlah bayang
I am in front of you, not a shadow
Kuingin cipta sejarah
I wish to create a history
Sejarah indah…denganmu
A beautiful history…with you

Repeat Chorus till end.

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