Hello Kitty Mooncakes sold in Malaysia

Hello Kitty Moocakes are still being sold by Good Chen for Mid Autumn /Mooncake Festival 2013

From Doreamon mooncakes, now check out Hello Kitty Mooncakes….also by Good Chen company:

Under Hello Kitty series, there’s mooncakes like:

  • Supreme White Lotus with 2 yolks
  • Imperial Shanghai moon (butter skin with lotus yolk …and chicken floss)
  • Pandan Bliss
  • Cocoa Diva (chocolate lotus paste oozing with macadamia nuts and choc-oreo biscuits and coated with Belgium dark chocolate)- yum yum
  • Snowy Deary (dried longan flesh in lychee lotus paste with Belgium white chocolates)
  • Cham Pink Apple (apple with grape pearl with classic low sugar lotus paste)

You can also find delicacies like berries nuts, mango cha-cha, Italian tiramisu and…Jumbo Chempedak Icy Mooncake

Aside from that, the bags above are also available with purchase of the Hello Kitty Mooncake. Like the Doreamon mooncakes, these bags can be used long after the mooncake festival is over.

Very creative indeed, and practical- as the bags are not festive bound, one can find use for it always.
The mooncakes are produced by Good Chen in which the full graphics are also available at their website, www.goodchen.com.my (tel 03- 62522299 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              03- 62522299      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or facebook.com/goodchenmooncake.

The mooncakes are sold in the following venues (but I understand stocks are running out in a number of the outlets):

Update: Sept 2013: Refer to the Facebook page for the latest outlets and contact numbers that are selling Good Chen mooncakes.

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