Doraemon Mooncakes- so cute, creative and adorable

The Doraemon mooncakes are still being sold for Mooncake Festival 2013

It is so cute, creative and adorable- Doraemon Mooncakes- where you can see Doraemon and faces of its related cartoon characters on your mooncake. This is such a hit with children and for some adults- as some of us grew up watching Doraemon cartoon.

Can’t help to be amazed at their creativity- and to feature cartoon characters like Doraemon, you would need to acquire the license to put the characters in your product. The licensing is not cheap.

Take a look at the brochures:

Flavours like Matcha lotus, Corn tachio, pandan lotus, bamboo charcoal white lotus, chocolate lotus…..

You can also buy their bags featuring Doraemon- instead of the traditional mooncake boxes to put the mooncakes in, here’s the Doraemon bags, which can be used long after the mooncake festival is over.

You have also mooncakes in the shape of durian, and for the health conscious- mango tango and passionne apple, as well as….snowberry. Then below you have mangosteen shape and flavour, tiramisu, beauty melon and hee hee, black humor?

The brochure is so well designed and so pleasing to the eye. When my friend showed me this brochures, the creative artwork makes me temporarily forget the stress of office work.

The mooncakes are produced by Good Chen in which the full graphics are also available at their website, (tel 03- 62522299 or

Update: Sept 2013: Refer to the Facebook page for the latest outlets and contact numbers that are selling Good Chen mooncakes.

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