Crafted Artificial Birds sold at Craft Stores

In the past, the crafted birds have only very basic design. Now, they are creatively crafted:

As per the price tag, they are sold for RM3.90 each from the craft store based in Petaling Jaya. I remembered almost 10 years ago I bought a box of basic design on the birds from Macy in KL (to be used to decorate plastic flowers) that are sold for RM24 for a dozen- with basic designs, minus the glitters.

You can see the design is elementary- but they’ve added glitter and more elaborate tails for the birds. Below, they’ve put in the peacocks feathers as the tail:

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3 thoughts on “Crafted Artificial Birds sold at Craft Stores”

  1. Hi, Can I know where you got the artificial birds? I am looking for them for a class I am conducting. Thank you so much for sharing. Valerie

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