Old Town Kopitiam- place to rest and relax

Old Town Kopitiam has been around for a while- and during weekends, or weekday nights, people would come, usually with their laptops to do assignments or friends/families enjoying a meal together.

It is expanded from the famous kopitiam in Ipoh and the picture, taken from a framed photo at the kopittiam reflects the olden times- when I was a little kid I’ve also seen such scenes.  Combination of olden and modern elements…

When it was the old time workers who have probably worked for coffee shops all their lives, it is replaced by foreign workers- but they are quite polite. Even the menu- like the drinks menu comes with both new and old selection. There’s the Durian cendol and ice kacang made with ice cream and blended..

And you also have the ice blended coffee as above (but I still prefer Starbucks).

Then the menu you can find a number of local varieties- sometimes people prefer to come here than Starbucks or Coffee Bean because the pricing of food here is cheaper and the food is local and more filling.  Like above you have the nasi lemak and below, the noodles.

That was what we ordered: It came up to about RM30+

Many people would come here- enjoy the aircon and comfortable seats and do their assignments. When we used to gather at friend’s house to do assignment, people would prefer to come here. With just a drink, one can sit here for hours with free Wifi without being chased away (in traditional coffee shops and some dining places, you cannot hang around too long with the waiters asking you for your next order or trying to like ‘chase’ you off when you are not ordering).  They even have a handphone charging station for various phone models- but you need to be careful and keep an eye on the phone. Comes in handy when the phone suddenly run out of battery.

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