Lirik Jauh Dirindu- Freedom (Far and Missed)

Thanks to YouTube, I found this song that I thought I would never get to listen again. Before the age of the internet, we had to rely on radio stations to play the song.  Beautiful song sang by Shuaib of Kumpulan Freedom (a famous local group in the 80s).

The song tells about the magic that seemed to have been lost in a relationship- he did not know where it had gone to. The singer hoped that their love could stand the test of time and ask for them not to give up. I find the meaning of the song is very deep, and this was set in the 80s where emotions were not something that was could be expressed so poetically in songs.

The group Freedom consists of a few band members. Their only female vocalist, Seha, passed away from lung cancer in 2006. I remembered reading about it in the news and was really saddened by the lost.  This was followed 10 years later by Abd Ghani Karim 10 years later. The singer of this song, Shuaib based on article in Berita Harian in year 2020 had suffered from stroke.

Here is the embedded video and the lyrics that I’ve translated in English.

Jauh Di Rindu by Freedom (lirik)


Di mana…
where is it…
katakan di mana salah silapnya
please tell where the wrong lies
ku terasa-rasa hubungan kita
I just felt as if our relationship
berubah mengikut masa
is changing with time

Ke mana…
to where….
mana hilang keajaiban itu
where had the magic disappeared to
kelembutan serta kemanisanmu
your gentleness and sweetness
yang pernah menghias hidupku
that had decorated my life

Mengapa kita kini
why are we now
saling mengasingkan diri
both avoiding each other
kemesraan lalu
the past closeness
dingin dan membeku
cooled and frozen

Tetapi hati tidak dapat di bohongi
but the heart can’t be lied to
bila saja berjauhan
whenever we are far apart
kita kerinduan
we misses one another
kau dan aku
you and me
diuji gelombang waktu
are being tested by the waves of time

my love
biar genting usah berputus terus
despite critical don’t just let it break
kenangan lalu tak mudah di hapus
past memories are not easy to be rid off
segalanya terukir di hati
everything is carved in the heart
jika di takdirkan tak sehaluan lagi
if it’s fated we are not on the same path anymore
kau tetap aku ingati
you would still remain in my memory

Shorts I’ve made using this song because I felt the same about wayang kulit getting lost in the waves of time:

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