Lirik Kehebatan Cinta Jamal and Fran (The Greatness of Love)

Here is another song that I’ve attempted to translate the lyrics into English as this evergreen song has always been many people’s favourite.

This song is about two persons expressing to the other how great their love is for the other. Both Jamal and Francisca were very famous then and the combination of both their powerful strong voice in this duet made this song a huge hit.

Lyrics/ Lirik Kehebatan Cinta (The Greatness of Love) sang by JAMAL ABDILLAH & FRANCISCA PETER

Fransisca : Hati ku masih seperti dulu
my heart is still stays the same
Tidak pernah pun berubah cintanya
never had its love changed
Adakah engkau masih seperti ku
are you like me
Yang setia selamanya
who stays loyal forever

Jamal : Hati ku masih merindui mu
my heart still misses you
Biarpun kau jauh dari ku
even though you are far away from me
Selagi rindu mengusik kalbu
so long as longing is in my heart
Cinta ku masih pada mu
my love is still for you


Fransisca: Tahukah engkau betapa hebat cinta ku
do you know how great is my love
Tanpa mu di sisi aku keresahan
without you by my side I am restless

Jamal : Tahukah engkau betapa hebat kasih ku
do you know how great is my love
Tanpa mu di sisi aku kerinduan
without you by my side I miss you

Both : Biarpun ombak merubah pantai
Let the waves change beach
Kasih ku tak akan hancur berderai
my love will not break into pieces
Biarpun hari berganti hari
 let day replaced by each day
Kau tetap ku nanti
I will surely wait for you


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