Darjat (Status) by A to Z Lirik

The song Darjat, sang by A to Z was one my favourite Malay songs. Perhaps it is the melody or the simple but profound message in the lyrics that made me like the song. Before YouTube came about, we had to wait and hope the radio would play the song. With the Youtube video available and many people like who loved the song, we are able to get a variety of the song.

This song tells a story of a man who loved a  woman with differing social status, wealth and looks. He did not know if she would be willing to accept due to their difference- he had hoped in the song that she would, but at the same time he was willing to go if she did not.

Sadly, the lead singer of the band, Affendy Zainon or known as Fendi, passed away on 23 April 2008 at the age of 39 due to stroke.

Darjat- A – Z Lyrics/ Lirik

Beza antara kita
The difference between us
Rupa darjat dan harta
Looks, status and wealth
Sudikah kau terima
Would you be willing to accept?

Bukan niat di hati
It is not my heart’s intention
Ingin menghancuri
To destroy
Hati dan naluri
heart and instinct

Seharusnya kau tahu
By right you should realize
Betapa kemerinduimu
How I miss you
My love…

Punah hasrat di minda
Destroyed the reason in my mind
Untuk hidup bersama
to live together
Pabila kau tiada…
when you are not here

Masa berlalu jua
time still passes by
Aku tiada terdaya
I have no more strength
Biarlah kurasa…
Let me feel

Seharusnya kau tahu
By right you should know
Betapa kemerinduimu
How I miss you
My love…

Maafkan diriku ini
Please forgive me
Tiada rela jua jadi begini
It is not with willingness to end up like this
Tika cinta kian bersemi
During the time when love is blossoming
Oh relakanlah kupergi…
Oh…allow me to leave…

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