Roti canai, teh, kaya toast bread- typical Malaysian breakfast

Roti telor

As Malaysians, most of us would enjoy roti canai or roti telur as either breakfast, lunch or for tea time.  Usually served with curry, dhal and sambal- it is quite filling. At from humble stalls, you can get it for about RM1 a piece (of most as the more high end the store is, the more expensive). Usually, we would eat at the mamak restaurants- it cost less than RM2 per piece for the usual roti canai (roti telur, where an egg is added is more expensive, but more filling).

Roti canai is made using a lot of oil- so together with the gravy, the caloric content is relatively high. For those who is cutting down on oil, usually they would order a plain thosai.

Below is some breakfast that Chinese folks like to have: milk tea (teh), a pau and toasted kaya bread with butter.  If you get from places like Pappa Rich or Old Town Kopitiam, it would be quite expensive- but the ambiance and free wifi would make up for your cost.

Whereas if you order from the marketplace, it usually cost less than RM5 for everything.

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