Lirik Teratai Layu Di Tasik Madu – Fauziah Latiff (Wilting Lotus on the Lake of Honey)

Here is my own translation in English for the song  Teratai Layu Di Tasik Madu (Wilting Lotus on the Lake of Honey) by Fauziah Latiff. The song was the top song in Juara Lagu 1993 (organized by Tv3, a broadcasting channel).

It’s about a woman who is fed up of her lover’s pretending ways- she loved him and yet wanted to leave because she felt she is like a lotus wilting in a lake of honey (outwardly sweet and seductive but the relationship is killing her).

Note: It sounded as if the woman is in love with either a psychopath, sociopath or a narcissistic person. These identification was literally unheard of in this part of the world in the 90s. And unfortunately many suffer in silence at the face of emotionally abusive relationships.

Fauziah Latiff is really a talented singer and was famous since she was 15 years old.

Walaupun tasik kekeringan
Even though the lake is drying up
Tak mungkin teratai kan tumbuh di darat
There is no way the lotus will grow on the earth
Begitulah takdirnya cintaku di ibarat
This is the simile of the fate of my love
Tak akan berubah perasaanku terhadap dia
never would change my feelings for him
Mengapa dia yang ku cinta
why is it that he is the one I love
Sedangkan ku tahu sikapnya begitu
when I know his character is like that
Dia pandai berpura dan pandai bermain kata
He is good at pretending and sweet talking
Setahun bersama bak seribu tahun terseksa
   A year together is like a thousand years tortured

Aku tidak sudi melihat dia lagi
I am not willing to see him anymore
Walau dalam mimpi pun tidak ku ingini
Even in my dream also I don’t want it
Aku rela menjadi teratai yang layu
I would rather be a wilting lotus
Daripada mekar di dalamnya tasik madu
Than to blossom in the lake of honey
Biarkanlah ku begini
Just let me be this way
Dan tak mungkin ku kembali
And there is no way I will return
to be with you


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