Tealive Deliver to doorstep at selected areas

Update: All Chatime outlet’s names have been changed to Tealive due to change in Management.

Tealive Chatime addicts now can order Tealive Chatime’s well-known and addictive bubble tea, smoothies and have it delivered straight to your office.

Please check their listing of outlets here: https://www.tealive.com.my/outlets and if they do delivery at the area near you here: https://www.tealive.com.my/orders/

However, the service is relatively new so the turnaround time may take up to a few hours as what we had experienced when we ordered the drinks- the staff would manage our expectations and they do tell us it would take time.

Anyway, for now the delivery is done via their Damansara Utama outlet and they only deliver if minimum order is 5 cups for Damansara Utama and 8 for surrounding office. Our office requires a minimum order of 15 for free delivery.

You can also order hot drinks- I love their hot tea with pearls (even though it is not so hot by the time it reaches us). Aside from that, they sell lattes, Americano, Mocha and Cappucino.

Chatime also sell juices and smoothies. The thing about them is that there are so many combinations and they allow room for you to customise your own order- ie add pearl, coconut jelly, red bean, more sugar, less sugar, etc. Because of this, they are so popular- after all, initially when it was launched people had been so crazy about bubble tea- the ones sold at night market.

Then the craze died down after a while and everyone thought it was a fad.  But now it is revived again.  The endless combination, better tea quality and consistent taste makes it hard to get tired or bored with buying from Chatime. That is why wherever they set up the outlet, there would be long queues.

Well, if my colleagues continue to order, I know I cannot resist….

We have stopped ordering the Bubble tea to be delivered to our office since few months ago as most of us who ordered about once to twice a week all have gained weight.  It’s okay to indulge once a while- and if you want to have your favourite Chatime or bubble tea and compensate the additional calories by cutting from other food sources- it is okay. But often, we do not realise how much the calories because we literally drink it.  Imagine, one cup of Chatime is almost equivalent to a full fledge nasi lemak.

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