Where to shop for good gadgets- Smartphone, Netbook, etc

Just want to share with you on my recent experience in purchasing a Nokia phone.

A friend of mine have a Nokia phone that have keypads, pretty much like my Blackberry phone. I thought it was expensive but he told me “no lar! It’s only RM499”. So while walking alone a shopping complex, I saw the phone on sale- and the guy told me that the phone (picture below) is to be sold for RM499 but he can offer me for RM430.

The model is Nokia Asha 302- according to him the model is just out about a week or two ago and it is definitely newer than what my friend was using. The phone has Wifi access and but I was mainly attracted to it due to the keypad.

At first, the salesperson told me that using credit card would require a small surcharge. I told him I had the cash, it’s just that I did not know I would see the phone there. So he agreed to charge without surcharge (which should have rang some bells- because in Malaysia, small shops have to charge an additional 2%- 3% in surcharge for using credit card because their margin of profit is too small. If there is no surcharge, means the item could be no cheap enough).

I charged my card for the price of RM430 for the phone (with a free 4Gigabyte memory card), and happily cart it off, thinking that it’s a good deal (remembering my friend’s phone was RM499 and of an older model – which he had bought at least 6 months back).

The phone was meant as a gift and I thought of getting a casing to go along with the phone. So I went to Digital Mall in sect 14 Petaling Jaya to look around for a suitable casing.

The moment I walked into the entrance of Digital Mall, there was a Nokia fair going on with Nokia Lumia as the theme phone. But they also had other models.

Guess what? The very same phone I bought was only sold for RM399 there (under offer till tomorrow). The free 4GB memory card also came with it. Refer to the table below on the circled phone. The model is Nokia 303 but the one I bought was Nokia 302.

The price is RM31 cheaper in Digital Mall compared to the hypermarket.  Or I believe from any stalls located at shopping complex. Even though I’ve ended up spending more, I hope you would learn from my lesson 🙂

Prices on offer for Nokia models  are:

  • Nokia Lumia 800- RM1399
  • Nokia Lumia 710-  RM899
  • Nokia 700- RM745
  • Nokia 701- RM845
  • Nokia E6- RM845
  • Nokia E7- RM945
  • Nokia N9- 64 GB- RM1399
  • Nokia N8- RM1099
  • Nokia 303- RM399
  • Nokia C3-00 RM299

Anyway, I managed to buy the phone casing that I’ve wanted- which you can see  from the first picture  “Happy Ant” casing – from Digital Mall. The casing cost only RM10.

Therefore, if you wish to buy electronic gadgets, Smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, iPad, digital cameras, laptop or netbooks, it is better you get from places like Digital Mall because the entire complex is selling IT gadgets and therefore the price is competitive.

Else, you can also visit PC Fair organised by PIKOM. The upcoming one is from 13 to 15 April 2012 in KLCC Convention Center.  I bought my very first laptop from that fair. Usually, I would usually ask those who are going to get me stuff such as SD card reader, pen drive as these items are very cheap during PC fair.

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