Lirik Rindu Bayangan by Jay Jay (Missing a shadow)


Jay Jay was one of my favourite singers when I was young. He was from the group Carefree and I considered him to be very talented because he wrote many of the songs that he had sang.

Here is the video of Rindu Bayangan by Jay Jay with the lyrics in Malay, and my attempts to translate it in English. The song is about a man who tried to convince himself to forget someone who he knew did not love him back but only played with his feelings.

Still, I hope that the rest of the world can grow to appreciate these beautiful songs. Enjoy!

Lirik/ LyricsRindu Bayangan by Jay Jay

Bila ku kenang, kurenung gambar wajahmu
  when I think back, I would look at your photograph
Kisah yang lalu tak akan berulang lagi
the past story would not repeat itself again
Lupakan saja cerita lama
just forget about the old story
Usah dirayu pada yang tak sudi
there’s no point begging one who is not willing

Janganlah dinanti pada yang telah pergi
  don’t wait for one who has already gone
Hanya luka lama kan berdarah kembali
only cause the old wounds to bleed again
Kini kecewa tidak terkata
  now, disappointment is so unspeakable
Mengapakah itu disebut lagi
why it is being spoken again

Apalah yang hendak di kata
what else is there to talk about?
Sudah suratan takdir yang menentukan
it’s already fate that determines
Ooh..oh..inilah ragam manusia
ooh..oh.. this is human behaviour
Manis di bibir pandai bermain lidah
sweet talking and tongue twisting

Berputar-putar membelitkan kata-kata
twist and turn the words
Hanya linangan air mata yang menitis
only tears that would keep dropping
Pada bayangan di angin lalu
 on the past shadows in the wind
Membisikkan kata rindu bayangan
whispering words of shadowed longing


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