3-in-1 White Coffee are more expensive from hypermarkets

Hypermarkets like Tesco, Carrefour and Giant would sell a good variety of items with all kinds of brands to choose from. Come weekends, you would see families coming for shopping would trolleys filled to the brim with items.

Being a person who need that caffeine fix each morning, sometimes up to few times a day, coffee is a necessity in my daily life. So I am always on the lookout for the lowest price that I can find for my favourite brands. And from looking around, I find hypermarkets seldom offer the best price.

Certain Chinese Medical halls that sells Chinese medicine or the small grocery shops sometimes sell for a lower price- but you must scout around until you can find these stores convenient to you.

For example,

  • Old Town White Coffee 3-in-1 classic are sold for RM14.69 – and that’s under offer. A grocery shop sells for RM12.50
  • Super 3-in-1 Charcoal White coffee RM13.29, a grocery shop sells it for RM11.50
  • Aik Cheong White Coffee Tarik for RM13.29.  The grocery shop sells the same one for RM9.95
  • But Old Town 3-in-1 milk tea is cheaper ie at RM11.99 while the shop sells for RM12.50
  • Kopiko 3-in-1 is for RM12.29 whereas 99 Speedmart is selling for RM9.95.

Below are the White Coffee sold in a grocery shop:

This is a comparison only. However, for convenient’s sake and to get everything all under one roof with comfortable shopping experience, sometimes family would opt for hypermarkets. Because some things are defnitely cheaper there especially on items on sale.

Still, don’t ignore grocery shops and convenient stalls near you. The items sold by them may be more reasonably priced and if you are like me, consuming certain brands of white coffee long term, it may be good to look around places either near your working place, home, the place you constantly frequent to see if the prices are more reasonable for the items that you want.

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