Craft kits for kids sold in AEON Big Subang Jaya

Sometimes you may get lucky and there happened to be offers and good bargains when you are going for shopping.

There are some interesting craft kits available under stock clearance at AEON Big Subang Jaya. At first I saw the stationery items like pencil case and writing materials on sale- then there are the craft items.

Above are craft kits to make bangles using ribbons- with nice ribbons inside. Sold for about RM4.80.

Below are foam kit to make a nice mini shopping bag Christmas decoration.

One can always buy to keep this for this coming Christmas – if wait for Christmas then only shop for it would be quite expensive. I saw some nice expensive wrappers for sale too.

Below is another kit to make a bunny design paper bag.

When we were young, these are luxury items to have. But I guess for now, kids would want an iPad or iPhone. Times have changed…



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